Today Last ATAK Pictures updated their film pages to reflect the growing catalogue of productions the company is working on. The two new films in development are the Second World War drama The Soldier and the romantic comedy Death Do Us Part. There are currently no fixed dates for either of these pictures to go into production, but their development shows a commitment from the company to expand it's work and venture into new territories.


Lt. Peter Harding is left for dead after a battle that should never have happened in Normandy, 1944. Out of rations, medical aid and losing his mind he captures Laurette, an eight-year-old French girl. The pair cannot communicate with one another, yet through her innocence and lack of fear they form an unlikely bond. With her help he may be able to find the peace he has been fighting for.
The Soldier is a complex and visual short film that explores the results of warfare on one man who has seen too much and a young girl who knows no different.

The Solider is written by Andrew Davidson and has been a project that has been floating in the writer-director's mind for some time, only recently has the story made it to page. Like Quondam the film prides it's story on it's visual style, it is an internal story that attempts to find the line between reality and imagination. The film, also like Quondam, makes the audience work to understand the film as Laurette's spoken French would go without subtitles. 'The relationship between Peter and Laurette, despite the language difference, is satisfying.' says Davidson of the film, 'And to subtitle the film would seem to cheat the audience of being able to create that understanding.'

Some early work has taken place on developing the film, including storyboards by artist John Walters as well as production art by Walters, Richard Broadbent and Christopher Broadbent.


After the sudden death of best friend Alex, Joss goes through with his plans to marry girlfriend Morena. Yet, with a future mother-in-law who doesn't like him, parents who have altered his old bedroom and a half way decent proposal to make, it's not going to be an easy ride.
Death Do Us Part is an exploration of loss and sadness, of continuing with your lives and never forgetting.

Death Do Us Part is also written by Andrew Davidson for actors Ben Brennan and Paula Williamson to star as Joss and Morena respectively. Davidson explains that the film is less of an 'absurd' comedy like The Musicals, but no less deals with serious issues. In this case having to deal with the loss of a loved one. 'Sadly sometimes we lose people before their time, we grieve and have to carry on with our lives. That's what Joss and Morena are struggling with after the death of their best friend. It is the polar opposite stories that really interested me, at one end is a horrific, sad and emotion death and at the other is the joy of leading to a wedding. But Alex is never forgotten.'

Davidson claims that this is both the simplest story he has told and the most complex. 'At once it is about loss and love, but there is another aspect, a visual story at the same time that is just insanely complex. The two elements together make it a very singular and unique look at love and loss.' Death Do Us Part is not as far along in development as The Soldier but Davidson hopes that both films will be made soon.


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